MK1 1.8 Oil gauge and Rev Counter


I have a 1995 MK1 1.8. The Rev counter does not work at all. Having researched a bit on Google it seems there are 2 ways the rev counter works depending on how early the MK1 is.

1) from the coil packs

2) from the ECU


Looks like the dash cluster was changed at some point, how can I tell which on I’ve got?


Secondly the oil gauge doesn’t work. When you switch on the ignition (before starting) it rockets to the end of the gauge and then once it’s started it goes back to nothing. Can’t find any useful information on this so looking for ideas. 


All help gratefully accepted.


Generally speaking with the 1995 car, there would be a coil unit wires that runs the tacho.

If you look at the individual wires going to the low tension coil plugs there should be four on each and these should correspond to four pins on the coil unit low tension connector.

When the immobiliser came in(1996) the 1.8 tacho was ecu driven, the low tension plugs had three wires and the coil units three corresponding pins.

apparently there are some intermediate cars(late 1995) with the three pin coilpack, no immobiliser and presumably an ecu run tacho.

My guess is that your car has three pin style coil units fitted whereas it should be a four pin. No problem except for the tacho not working.      

Thanks I’ve just looked at the wiring and the coil packs. All are 4 pin. Looking at the MOT history for the car it jumped 65000 miles between 2011 and 2012, so I’m guessing someone changed the dashboard cluster. If they fitted a later version would that cause the problem?


I see you say you have 4 wires on the coil wiring but is there 4 connectors in the actual coil?? If not this could be the issue as the block connector will fit both 3pin and 4 pin coil

The changed cluster could be the problem if its from wrong car ie maybe JDM car or earlier/later model

We should have correct cluster if you do need one.

Yes there are 4 pins on the coil pack and the wiring, so doesn’t seem to be that. Is there anyway to test the output from the coil pack to ensure it is working?