Mk1 Aircon parts inc new condensor

Having a clearout of some mk1 parts:

  1. Brand new aircon condenser for 1990 MX5 imported from the USA, will need one of the pipes adapting to use on RHD car. This is the closest you will get to a UK spec one as they are no longer made for RHD mk1

  1. set of new seals for the whole mk1 a/c system

  1. compressor oil for rebuilding/top up compressor
  2. x2 new dryers (both are listed to fit the mk1 but one needs the bracket adapting
  3. x2 new adaptors for old a/c pipes to use newer gas

  1. used compressor for rebuilding with good non-seized clutch
  2. aircon secondary fan

  1. mk1 evaporator

£100 for the condenser radiator, £150 for everything

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