Mk1 clutch problem

The clutch on my 1.8 Mk1 is causing problems. Symptoms are that the pedal goes to the floor, there is no pressure and I cannot select gear. If I leave it a short while the pressure returns but only to allow gear selection two or three times before pressure is lost again. There does not appear to be any fluid loss. Is this most likely to be a slave or master cylinder problem?



Usually go for slave first, common failure and cheaper option

OK so I’m baffled. Having not touched the car over the w/e the clutch is absolutely fine today. Pedal feels as it should, no sponginess and no loss of fluid. I’ll probably get the slave changed anyway but I struggle to understand how the problem could be intermittent.



Maybe the (old?) rubber pipe between them is becoming soft and therefore bulgy, but only after the engine has warmed it up?

Maybe an air bubble that has cleared with exercise?


Used to hate people like that in the old days when I trained in a Coventry gym.

Starting to sound like master cylinder seals. Once the slave has failed, that is usually a one way ticket.