Mk1 Eunos Best Wheel / Tyre fitment for no arch work?

Hi all,


So I’ve seen some nice wheels come up for sale locally. Rota 15x7’s , Toyo T1’s 195/50/15


Was wondering if these would be a straight fit onto my Mk1 94’. ?


I don’t want to be rolling the arches or anything like that, and I want the car to handle really well - are these about the right size to have?




It’s all about the offset. 

It would be rare for a 7" wide wheel not to fit though.

Thanks Nick, appreciate the reply.


I’ve found out they are all 15x7 ET20 with Toyo 195/50/15’s on.


According to this;



They are the perfect size for no arch work really!


Hopefully be fine, is this a good upgrade in terms of grip for trackdays etc? Currently on the original 14" BBS wheels. 


Cheers, Tom

They will fit fine then. 

It’s not the “best” offset for the best handling, but will be absolutely fine. 

Tyres are a different issue.



Out of interest, what would you deem the ‘best’ for handling etc? Still 15x7? Which offset!


Thanks mate!


35 to 40 preserves the original designed scrub radius of the suspension which is considered the optimal. The principal thing you will notice as the offset gets lower is more bump steer and heavier steering feel.