Mk1 Eunos Rocketeer Fuel Pump priming/pressure issue

Hello all,

I have an interesting issue with what I think is my fuel pump priming/fuel pressure.

I am nearing the end (one hopes!) of my Rocketeer conversion.

If I turn the ignition on, I hear the pump prime and then stop whirring as normal.

If I turn the key to start it nothing happens.

However, if I turn the key to start it halfway through the priming noise, it starts first time straight away.

Any suggestions as to whats happening here?

If you need a video to help explain the issue, I can film one!

Thanks all,


I assume you are using the ME442 for engine management? If so you should check your settings or may be just give Motorsports Electronics a quick call.

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It’s actually an MBE ECU, Rocketeer switched a couple of years ago.

MBE are horrendous when it comes to comms, so I thought i’d try here!

Surely your next port of call must be Bruce at Rocketeer? He needs to know that they are selling a zero support product so he can do something about it.