Mk1 NA Sill drainage

I never had this problem with my Mk1s cos they were garaged, but my friend’s Mk1 has that sloshing sound in the sills. I said there were drainage holes that were blocked but he couldn’t find them - any pointers? I assumed they would be on the underside of the sill towards back wheels? Can anyone be REALLY specific so I can pass it on? Cheers

 Location of the sill drains:
In addition, there are drain tubes running from the ends of the rain rail (catching water off the roof). To find them, you need to look behind the seatbelt towers.
You can see a clogged drainhole here:

It exits under the car:

When clearing this, I would use coathanger wire; be careful. A flap is used to reduce road noise (not present on very early cars), and if the wire (or other tool) gets caught on this, or otherwise jammed in the tube, it is possible seperate the drain off the collection cup at the top. There is no easy way to refit this, that I know of.
Clear sill drains with an old dinner knife. Check this area for any jack damage, and treat accordingly.

Cool, thanks!

I have just had the same problem! The parts in the photo are not the sill drain holes they are the hood drain holes, the sill drain holes are just about where the foot of the ramp is in the photo. they look like a bump in the lower edge of the sill. I pushed a screwdriver up the holes (front and rear of the sill) and got about a pint of water out, at the same time making the holes a little larger. Mine were blocked with wax oil from the previous owner, the water was clean and fresh so had not been in there long.

Hi Guys, there are 5 topics in the FAQ dealing with water and the MX5