MK1 on Bilsteins.....

hi guys, just a quick question… i have a MK1 Eunos S, it came with the bilsteins… now, are these height ajustable, or are they shock adjustable? as they have little cir clip rings on the bottom, so something adjusts… WHAT!!!


Factory fitted Bilsteins are not adjustable for height or damping. I think you’ll find the circlip just supports the lower spring seat.

nope… it is adjustable, height wise! its not a tad lower, the circlip moves up and down, and justifies ride height! :wink: found out this evening!
thanks tho bud!

so for all of the people with a MK1 Eunos with the Circlip on ur billies… get it to the bottom ring! :wink:


Do you have any photos?

of what?

Pics of the shocks would be helpful. Like Robbie, I haven’t come across billies with the type of perch adjustment that you describe, that does mean to say that I could be wrong! Sounds more like the Koni sports set up. Does it actually say Bilstein on the shock body? 

it does mate yes.
on the shock it has notches that u can higher and lower the circlip… this determins the height…

ill get pics 2moro if people DO want to see!!

 Factory Bilsteins; no sign of extra notches. There are a fair few aftermarket Billies available in Japan:

As mentioned factory MX5 Bilsteins don’t have the adj. (at least none of the sets I’ve had)

 But aftermarket co.s will cut extra grooves in if you want.

 Plus no doubt some came with the feature as std (like some Konis do)

well they dont look like the photo… well. they do… but they are dirty as feck, and as far as i can tell they were like a light blue not full yellow, i have ONE photo when i was steem cleaning them, but the rest ill have to take on the car!

i was aware that they were the standard ones… they ARE bilstein’s, yellow springs, and adjustable - as i adjusted them! [8-)]

it is an import i suppose, so anything could be on there i guess…

Blue Bilsteins area fairly common aftermarket fitment in Japan. S-Spec Billies; yellow shock, black springs.

i see… so any specs on these? lol, they are blue with yellow springs - adjustable! :wink:

 Ok, the blue Bilsteins seems to be what is known as Ennepetal Bilsteins; Bilsteins put together by Ennepetal (basically, Bilstein Japan, “Ennepetal” is taken from the town in Germany where the shocks are normally made). Like this:

Various tuning companies bundled these with their own springs, but Ennepetal also did their own springs, which were supplied in yellow (with “Ennepetal” logo on the wire, but this might have been rubbed off by now).
No info on the shock specs on the Ennepetal website, but there is a table of spring rates under “ESS (Sport Spring)”. There are plenty of coil spring calculators on the web, if you can measure the free length, number of coils, wire thickness and coil diameter.

How do you do it SAZ? [:S] Good on google or an encyclopidia of knowledge inside your head?

SAZ… legend! nice one for that! will have a looksy!!!

thanks! more info about my car! super! :smiley: haha

 Also worth pointing out that Ennepetal supplied/supplies some of the manufacturers own tuning houses. Some Nismo shocks are rebadged Ennepetal Bilsteins. Mazdaspeed use Kayaba.

Good initial question Kris, this debunks the long held, by many, that all billies are yellow, sorry for doubting your facts  

learn something new every day as they say! no one was wrong or right really… so woo hooo! i kinda know wot i got on my car now! haha! [H]


The OEM Mazda Bilsteins on my MkII 1.8iSE were painted black,  and not a mention of MAZDA stamped on them anywhere. Just an adhesive sticker with the Mazda pt no. and a bar code.