Mk1 vented pop-ups?

Any colour OK. Ideally 2. Prefer pax side to begin with.
Looks like they are handed.

Same as these but I read mixed reviews.
Please PM me if you can assist.

They look good but I really wonder if they do any good. Several reviews there say they help keep temperatures down but i wonder if any of them has actually measured. I did and it put me off the idea.

Many years ago when i first came across NACA-style ducts on headlamp covers i experimented with a temperature probe in the inlet tract leading to the air filter. With the headlights down the temperature was around 20°C above ambient. Headlights popped up, the temps were near ambient, so it works well as an air scoop. Removing the passenger side headlamp cover entirely was barely any better than the lights closed result. So I concluded that the people saying the headlamp area is a low pressure zone were right - without a scoop popping up into the airflow, air just blows out of that spot.

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TBH Martin, I fancy them more as a reversible style mod than anything.
I’ve long doubted their effectiveness.

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Yeah, I can’t deny they do look good. :slight_smile:

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