Mk2.5 / Mk3 purchase advice in Wales

Hi All,

Im New to the forum and have been looking into an mx5 for a long time but have only recently gotten a budget together and seriously started looking into getting one, after reading in to the different generations as much as i can i believe a Manual Mk2.5 1.8 or Mk3 2.0 would be my preference within my 4-5k budget. I have seen loads of examples around my area through the normal routes of autotrader, ebay and fb marketplace but a quick MOT check shows that most are less than ideal, widening my search to England shows plenty more options but unfortunately i live a good 3 hours from the English border meaning most cars are a 4-5 hour one way trip to go and visit.

Has anyone got any recommendations for specialist dealers, private sellers or any general members selling a Mk2.5 or Mk3 within or close to the Southern area of Wales within the next few weeks/months?

Many thanks in advance.