Mk2.5 radio

My mk2.5 has the original factory fitted radio but alas has gone faulty, can anyone recommend a replacement unit that will fit straight in without causing me too much grief and allowing the electric aerial to still work

If you post a picture then someone may well have one laying around.

Do you mean 2.5?

You haven’t by any chance replaced the car battery recently I hope? Or a flat one, recharged?

Might have a solution…it’s up to you.

I have the very thing stored…as I buggered the recoding when it was removed when our car was stripped for a rebuild which included welding.

I had a Kenwood fancy thing fitted instead. 

Now, the situation is…technically it thinks it’s been knicked and is blocked.

If you can find out locally if you can have it unblocked, I’ll pop it off FOC to you if you just cover the postage.

It was working fine till it met me.

Your shout.

Thanks for that, just need to check it’s not a speaker, if not then I’ll get back to you if that’s ok

There are two fuses need checking - 10 amp Room and 10 amp radio. The room fuse should be O/k, as it supplies other circuits as well, which you’d notice, but the Radio fuse does two things, 1) keeps the clock going, and 2) keeps the radio code working, If you find that one is blown, and replace it, you may see the display saying CODE when you switch it on. If you don’t have the code, PM me.

If the radio is kaput for sure, and you accept Scottish fivers generous offer, then once installed, PM me anyway, and I’ll tell you how to get it working again.


Happy to help if required.

If Gerryn has to take you through recommissioning mine, everyone’s a winner.