mk2.5 vvt into mk1?

I was just wondering whether or not the vvt engine would fit into the mk1. i like the idea of a 40bhp upgrade on the old 1.6 for surprisingly little money …

Yes it will fit. There are some photos/info on plus some other sites probably.

awesome! thank you very much, thats made my day :slight_smile:

would you happen to know any decent suppliers?

Try MX-5 Revive for the parts. I think they’ve got a few low milage engines available. They had a sale on them recently…

Thanks Robbie,

yes we have a few VVT engines available for £250, all low mileage, let me know if we can help.


Brian.   mx5revive  01733 271457 or 07742411297.

 You can fit it but why bother?

Installing it in a 1.6 Mk1 you would not be using the VVT - this gives the same peak power but you loose a load of midrange. The 1.6 can be tuned easily to give a similar power output as the VVT engine for a lot less money and a lot less hassle - plus it is lighter.



(just for info - the VVT only makes 20hp more than the 1.6 engine at the axle when it is in it’s native home (MK2.5).)

 It is not just the engine you will need, there is also the electrics to carry over for it to work correct, plus i would think about fitting the 6 Spd box etc all at the same time.