Mk2 RS Ltd - Oroiginal Ride height

Reposting after sorting out split personality (two forum accounts don’t ask) 

Can anyone provide Wheel centre to Arch dimensions for the Mk2 RS Ltd as picture but on stock suspension?
Mine which I am told is on lowered Autoexe springs - sits at 300mm front & 310mm rear - I am finding it just too easy to ground and don’t drive it hard enough to warrant the lack of clearance over roadholding.
Thinking of trying to raise slightly or even revert to stock.
The next puzzle will be finding appropriate springs as it has Bilsteins and sits about 5-10mm lower than other 5s due to spring seat height.

Thanks for any info offered !


Offside sm

The Mk2 RS had the same suspension as any other Mk2 with the Bilstein suspension (in UK terms, 10AE, Mk2 Icon).

There is no standard ride height due to car to car variances, but front should be around 13.25" and rear about 14.25".

Thank you very very much for that - 
By my calculator - 
Front ~ 335mm c/w 300mm on mine 35mm/1.25" lowered.

Rear ~ 360mm c/w 310mm on mine 50mm/2.00" lowered.

Would explain why it tends to drag its underparts along our pit crazed speed bump littered roads (too easy to bottom the rear coming down off sleeping policemen type humps on private roads).
May - think about reverting to stock or some way towards it especially on rear - maybe take out half the differences or 0.5" front 1" rear and hope it doesn’t look to droopy.
Great help.



Looks like yours sits lower than mine when I owned it.

My Mk2 RS when I owned it below. It’s in standard form with Bilsteins.

Must admit mine grounded on speed humps (some) I kind of knew when it would scrape or not, easy does it




Thanks for the update - that confirms mine has been lowered - like you say - easy does it,
seems to be when the tail drops off the hump and the car sits down on the suspension so - VERY slowly indeed :slight_smile:
Are they its original wheels? - like them a lot - saw a photo in a JD market sales brochure - all in Japanese but wasn’t sure if they were sort of dished out spokes - photo helps :frowning:
I do like the BBSs but may look for an OE set at some point just to get it back to original condition or as a spare set.
Thanks again

If those BBS are off a Mk1, incorrect offset. Otherwise, they’re going to be a VW/BMW fitment.

RS used the same 15" Enkei 5-spoke as iS models. Early NBs had a sort of rough finish on the wheels, so if buying used, make sure they are a matched set. The RS replaced the S-Special in the regular model line-up; despite the name, it was never a limited or special edition.

Autoexe is a sort of Japanese Halfords. They have a chain of motoring supermarkets in Japan.

Technique for speed humps is brake before the hump, then brakes off as you crest. Some idiots don’t bother to slow for speed humps, then complain about damaged suspension and worn tyres. What’s grounding are the ends of the chassis rails. If the “rear” really was grounding. you’ll be dumping diff oil everywhere as the diff carrier cracks. The grounding sounds worse than what it is. I once beached a NA on a speed hump built to slow trucks. Passenger had to get out so I could get clearance.

Nothing special about those alloys, i picked them up really cheap locally secondhand.

BTW the RS would have come fitted with these style wheel below in 15"

That has been invaluable - thank you so much - and so much still to learn I suspect :slight_smile:
I had wondered about Autoexe - as it didn’t show up in Google - that is what was listed on the sales pitch on here but when I checked the inlet is GruppeM
so dear knows what the springs etc are - probably all done whilst in Japan not once imported - maybe good reason to get rid. . . . 

The BBSs came on it - don’t know the origins, when they come off I will see if I can get codes / markings and check - thanks for heads up
They don’t foul anywhere and look fine so I suspect the offset error can’t be much - presently going down the don’t care too much route . . . 

The wheels on yours look flat spoked were they the same as the picture below - as I may go looking for a set.
I pinched it from the Japanese publicity leaflet someone else posted - it is quite possible there were slight variations of course . . . 
Thanks again for all your input 

RS wheels

Thank you - posts crossed in ether - wheel looks like the piccie I also found - the learning continues 

Right being as I’ve got proper access to my pictures now, I’ve found out the name of the alloys. As I said they aren’t anything special, the name I think was Dynamics or Team Dynamics, something that Halfords would have probably sold.


Had them on my Mk1 first, when that sold I transfered them to the Mk2, I think they suited the Mk2 better.





The car didn’t come by way of Northern Ireland, did it?

Don’t know it was originally imported by a company near Southport and owned for 8 years near there.
I think servicing was by Scimitar something - may also have imported it and given nearness of Liverpool to Ireland for shipping etc - well possible but just surmising.
Seems all very neat and square - certainly maintained very well and very very clean
In the end I am happy for not a king’s ransom :slight_smile:



I was referring to a very similar car, with ex-Mk1 RS Limited BBSs coming from Bainbridge in County Down.