Mk2 Seats- recommend a replacement

I’m looking for suggestions for seats which will be a bit more comfortable than the standard ones fitted in my MK2, [*-)]

 mk2.5 full height ones would be a good start.  or elise seats…

Thanks for the info, would elise seats need special brackets and be hard to fit? My OH looses patience with me when I ask him to help me fit things to the car, he still moans about having to help me fit the front grille.[:)]

Yes Elise seats need quite a bit of “fettling” to get them in if you want to do it properly. You have to be handy with a spanner and make your own brackets etc. Plus the seat runners have the seatbelt on so you’ll need to address that issue as well.

Mk2.5 seats sit significantly higher than the mk2, probably by about 1-2 inches so no good if you’re tall.

Bucket seats are a little impractical for everyday use as I’m finding out myself, which leaves messing around with the originals. Has the foam sagged or do they lack support? maybe a retrim is needed?

I think the re-trim route may be the option as I think its just the foam sagging not giving enough support to the lower back, I think MX5 parts sell a lumbar cushion i may look into that 1st.