Mk3 2.0 6 speed lsd?

Im thinking about treating my girlfriend to a lovely looking 2015 mk3 2.0 roadster for her up coming 40th.
I’d be looking to get a stage 2 bbr turbo kit fitted to it soon after purchase so having a limited slip differential is a must.

So do all mk3 2.0 6 speeds have a lsd? Is there a way of checking?

Thanks in advance

Yes, fitted as standard. :ok_hand:

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Awesome. Thank you

Can I be your girlfriend?


ha ha… depends on what you are offering him that his current girlfriend isn’t!!

If you’ll look after all 8 kids I’m in

Is the BBR turbo stage 2 part of her birthday present as well? It will be hers and She may prefer the standard car???

Depends on if she is allowed to drive her birthday present…

Given the earlier answer I can’t see GF and HER favourite daughter/son will need BBR in HER MX-5 as YOU will be trailing along miles behind in YOUR tragic saddomobile people mover with the other 7 kids! :rofl:

Well she wants something other than a 17 seat minibus to drive. I would like a 2nd mx5…
Everyone wins

Sparked, some of the 2.0 litre mk3’s have a 5 speed box…FYI only.

Sport model 2.0 is six speed, non sport 5 speed, both have an LSD is my understanding. Sport also has leather and ac.

Not true in my case. 2.0L Sport (2006) leather yes, but no A/C.

You got robbed!


Every day is a school day. I thought Sport was 17"wheels, leather, ac, Bilstein. 2.0 adding bigger engine, twin exhaust exit and LSD.

Just been out to check on the offchance that the heater controls had been replaced with a non-a/c panel (you never know) but no. Got all the rest but no plumbing for A/C. I feel short changed now :cry:

So the non-sport has a single exhaust exit? I’ve always wondered if there was a way of telling the difference from just looking at one on the road.

Externally the 17” wheels define a Sport model. All NC have twin tail pipes. A/C was an option as was BOSE audio too IIRC, but only available if A/C was specced too. These rules may have changed on the introduction of the facelift model.


Thanks for the clarification Robbie.

AFAIK all NCs have twin exhausts - my 2.0 Icon certainly does…