Mk3,3.5 bbr

Ive been thinking of going down this route after selling my mk1. Itll be nice to just get in one use.
Is a bbr car the only one to look for. Ive also been looking at boxsters but maintenance costs are a worry

Not if you can find one done by Roddisons/Autolinkuk

I remember roddisons from when i used to go on nutz forum

Probably unpopular opinion but BBR is not the be all and end all. Any tuner will get 180 bhp from a 2.0 sport with a 4-1 header and remap.

My car made 183hp at Sanspeed with 4-1 IL headers, ram intake and remap.

Unless you’re going for 225 itb or turbo I would say any car with the paper work would be fine. It’s also not about the final number but how well it drives and is set up.

I waa considering a turbo but watching the odd video tyey look a handful

There’s a nice mk3 turbo on ebay but £12,000 - 2006 Mazda MX5 NC MK3 stage 2 300bhp BBR Turbo | eBay

I wanted to go down the turbo route but after the cost to buy the car and then roughly £6000 for BBR to convert it, it started to get into 135i money or even Z4 35i so I could not warrant it.

On boost it would be a handful but I’d imagine you’re limited in the first 2 gears. Would be a lot of fun and a good little sleeper car.

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12k is too much for a weekend toy. Like you say you’re venturing higher worth vehicles.