Mk3 3rd Annual Service Question

Hi all,

I have a tricky choice - when I bought my 55 reg Mk3 in July it was from a Vauxhall dealer, who serviced it before pick-up. Prior to that it had been serviced by the dealer who sold it to the original owner (still my local Mada dealer) on the exact correct date each of the prior 2 years (Dec 17th).

The car ends its warranty at end of December, and technically is due its 3rd Mazda annual service before then. Since it has already just had a service, are there reasons I should spend the £200 on having the Mazda service done to keep the Digital Service Record up to date? Will it have an effect on future value? Pros and cons?

I think one major plus point of having a “Mazda” dealer service history is, if something does go wrong with the car outside of the warranty period then there may be chance that you would get a good-will payment from Mazda. If Mazda can see you’ve had main dealer servicing then they may look at your case more favourably. Obviously I’m not talking about a fault that develops 15 years down the line but if for example the ABS unit failed at 40 months then maybe Mazda would pay for the part if you pay for the labour to fit it for example.

Good point. My heart wants to do it, but my wallet is sneering at the idea of two services in 6 months!

I think the fact that Vauxhaul service mechanics have touched the car is reason enough to let Mazda have it in for at least a check over.
Vauxhal are not renowned for their quality of workmanship, I certainly wouldnt let them near my car.

Mind you Mazda main dealers are not the best either but at least they might know something about the car.

Well that is two votes ‘for’ then - and I suppose the Vauxhall service was free so it won’t hurt. Plus, like you say, they probably didn’t do it right anyway!

I’m a go for the Mazda service too.  There have been many occurances through the RX8OC community where 4+ year old cars have had ex gratia work done by Mazda. two of which were replacement engines and Mazda coughed up 70% of the cost.

Take the oil with you to the service, as long as it meets Mazda spec then they CANNOT refuse to use it.  My last 2 year service on my 8 cost £120 instead of £185 from my dealer.  £65 for Dexlia oil [:O] and argue the sundries too.

I always fill all fluids before taking a car for a main dealer service as I don’t trust them, oh and ask for the remaining/empty oil they haven’t used. To prove they have used it.


Hoping you can also advise on my situation.

I too bought a Mazda MX5(55 plate - 2006 model) last year, May 2008.

It is now due it’s first MOT (Jan 09) and I was wondering - should i take it to a Mazda dealer or use my trusted local garage i have known for years - i would be using mazda parts no matter who did it?

Also, my service is due in March, and was wondering should I take it to a Mazda dealer for the 3rd one or again is it ok for my local garage to do it? I have been burnt by Mazda very recently with a clutch failure and have no trust or confidence in their customer service or loyalty (nearly £600 for a job that would have cost me £300 max at my local garage). So personally i would rather not take it to Mazda.

How would this affect any resale value as looking around local Mazda forums and this one previous, it seems there is a lot of slating of Mazda dealerships (albeit some good ones). My issue wasn’t with the Mazda dealership as they argued with Mazda it should be covered under warranty, my issue is as far as i’m concerned, the inflated prices don’t justify themselves when Mazda look for any reason not to pay on warranty. This isn’t limited to Mazda by the way, i’ve had similar problems with Ford and Renault and I’m sure all manaufacturers are very similar.  It’s obvioulsy a business reason and money wise for the exclusions on the warranty list (i.e. these are the things that aren’t going to last, we know it, we won;t cover it.) But my issues have been with parts that should have been covered or must have been faulty to have been caused (any one else ever heard of replacing a clutch after 20k and it not being a fault of manufactuer)? Anyway - i rant - but am just after advice as I say regards 3rd service and MOT - being done seperately so if advise Mazda for service and not so bothered for MOT then so be it. 

Probably sounds like I’ve made my mind up reading this but I haven’t - really not sure what to do for the best!.

Oh, and if it helps, when the market picks up again - i’ll be selling (am moving to Aus this year - but will keep hold of the car until this stupid downturn stops affecting prices stupidly).

Thanks and kind regards



An Mot is an MOT in my book - I would take it to a local council MOT station… less likely to nit pick and rip you off.

If it does need some parts for the MOT (unlikely given age) then you can certainly source Mazda parts for your own piece of mind.

 As far as servicing goes Mazda dealer services are good to get during the cars warranty period but after that I would be using a garage that offers value for money and that I can trust.

On resale, sure its nice when the ad says FMSH but its not a reason to buy or not to buy the car. The most important part is that it does have FSH regardless of who carried it out.

Just my tuppence worth!

Thanks for the advice Madboy.

Makes perfect sense to me and my thoughts exactly, a FSH is a FSH - I don’t trust main dealers, and would rather have a trusted local who knows me and looks after me etc!!!


I am a bit confused - your 3rd service should be within the warranty period (3 years) - and before your MOT is due surely? If so I would have Mazda do it just to maintain the digital service record until the end of warranty. If the warranty is already up, then it doesn’t matter who does it as long as they are good with Mazdas and good to your wallet!

Thanks for the reply,
The 25k 2nd service was last May. I have only got 27.5k on the car now.  My car was registered on 26/1/2006 therefore my MOT is due on or before that date - but my service according to Mazda dealers is 32774 or 31/05/09 whichever is soonest.
My warranty expires end of this month - therefore by the time servicing comes around my warranty has no bearing on where i take it.  Your warranty is also, not invalidated by not taking it to a Mazda dealer. You can take it to any VAT registered servicing centre and it cannot impact a dealers warranty.  The only thing it affects is the parts replaced by the independant, which should in general be covered for 12 months anyway.  Warranty has nothing to do with Mazda doing the work!

Well I guess it’s from a future value viewpoint for one. I myself wouldn’t buy a Mk3 that didn’t have a full Mazda DSR (digital service record) at least for the period of its warranty. As above there is also the point that Mazda tend to be more favourable to ex gratis repairs and replacement parts once the warranty is over if the DSR has been maintained. However, in your case, since warranty is over, I wouldn’t bother

Hi James
I have a 55 MK3 Launch Edition and like you have had clutch problems, but I end up getting it adjusted due to judder, and so far not had to change it I am now on 36088 miles and just over the 3 years, it does judder sometimes so maybe there was a fault with the clutches that were put in the Launch Editions.
I know that you can get a flat part on the clutch plate due to excess resting on the clutch, but with a foot rest in the car there is no need to rest your foot on the clutch. They tried to blame my driving…!!! However I will be monitoring the clutch problem.
I have just renewed tyres and couldn’t afford the Michelan so have put Bridgestones on, and the handling still feels good especially now that there is tread on the tyres… ooops!
Good luck with move to Oz
Mazda Chick