Mk3 floor mats moving

Hi all,

1st post in the new forum, can’t say I’m particularly impressed by the software, nothing much wrong with the old phpBB but then, it’s not up to me :slight_smile:

 Anyway, got this nice shiny new Mk3 with the Mazda mats but the drivers one is moving about. I noticed tonight it has the hole at the seat end which on the old car (Mk2.5) went over a plastic pin that was in the floor and locked the mat securely in position but in this car, there’s no pin!

How is everyone else securing the mat?

It’s got the grippy hard plastic underside but as I’m a big, heavy footed clod, it’s not up to the job [:$]


The mats should have been supplied with a plastic clip that is held in place by the plastc carpet fixing under the front of the drivers seat. I take it you’ve checked in the glove box etc for it? It’s about 10cm log and sort of zig zag shaped to fit snug to the carpet with a hole in one end and a twisty bit on the other. It even has MX-5 moulded in the underside.

You’re not alone, I had the same issue and my securing strap was missing. Had already checked the boot, glove compartment, everywhere.
Ended up buying another set of mats from the dealership purely to get a strap.
I complained to the dealer and got a little discount from the set…it’s the last thing you’d think to check when picking up a new car.

Ah, right, missing clip. Thanks for that chaps, I’ll pop into the dealer in the morning and get it sorted :wink:


Ooh I don’t have the tag for mine either - I have just got used to pulling it back into place every few drives like I used to with my Mk1s! Might have to check with dealer!


Good luck you two [:)] Please let us know how you get on.  

I was able to argue that my dealer had failed to fit the mats correctly prior to me buying the car and they provided the little plastic clip that hold s the drivers mat in position. I fitted it myself and no more sliding mat!