Hi all, during covid I have purchased a Mk3 kendo and can honestly say it is the best bit of kit I’ve had the pleasure to ride, I’m looking forward to getting involved with the meet ups, I have a MK3 Kendo 2011 plate, this has just one (Kendo) badge on passengers side wing is this normal factory spec or should there be one on the drivers wing or rear of the car .

Definitely were provided for the front wing(s) believe a pair, could be wrong but not the rear.
Some say the dealers applied the model badges at point of delivery, they are only stick on so it could have been lost somewhere along the way. Have a look around the car, you never know it could be kicking around.
Recently another member was after badges, bit like rocking horse pooh not available now. You can try the dealer.:thinking:

Hi & welcome fellow Kendo’r! It should definitely have two Kendo badges, one over each side indicator repeater light on the front wing.

I removed mine to keep the originals safe (one was starting to get a little tarnished anyway. I photographed the old badges and retraced them using AutoCAD and sent the file to who made me some new ones up in silver outline so the colour of the vehicle is visible behind new Kendo decal. They should be able to make you some using the file that was sent to them, or you can search ebay for alternatives.

I’ve (hopefully) attached a photo of the new Kendo badge(s) that I have on my '5.