Mk4 Annoying Wind Noise from Quarter Glass Guide Area

I have owned a three year old ND 2.0 SE-L Nav (soft top) for about a month.

At about 30mph I can hear a constant whoosh of wind noise from what appears to be the part on the inside where the quarter glass guide meats the header rail seal.

Putting my finger between the front of the quarter glass guide (at the top) and the header rail seal, or putting my hand over where the quarter rail guide on the inside (at the top) meets the header rail seal produces a change in wind noise but I cannot stop the wind noise with my fingers.

I have tried reseating the header rail seal a couple of times but this did not help.

It makes it kind of hard to appreciate the stereo etc.

Most complaints about wind noise seem to be from behind the right ear.

Anyone have any suggestions other than “Drop the roof lolz”? 

I had a same noise with exactly the same symptoms on the drivers side quarterlight I had fitted as a replacement for the original which was starting to corrode (a known problem). The dealer had a go at fixing it but didn’t really get anywhere, so they ordered another replacement. The dealer was going to fit the further replacement at the car’s 3 year service however I sold the car before then. Strange thing is, I have to admit that before selling the car, either the noise went away or a I got used to it . It may have been a case of the seals settling down to their as designed position after being stretched/manipulated during fitting! Who knows? It may be worth comparing the door and window seals in that area with the passenger side to see if they are fitted the same.

It’s interesting that you say that because the guide on the right actually looks like it sits higher.

I was thinking today that maybe the guide and beltline molding have been replaced due to corrosion (before I got the car) and that’s when the noise would have started.

It also doesn’t look like you can adjust the guide up or down (like on some cars) by the looks of the TSB diagram.

Hi, I have had the quarterlight noise on the driver’s side too. As it’s still under warranty, I had the top seal replaced. This helped, but did not completely stop the noise.
Searching around the garage, I found a plastic strip used to protect the teeth on a new saw. This fitted snugly over the fixed quarterlight glass and formed a slightly tighter seal on the rubber.
Not perfect, but better than nothing!