Mk4 Anybody else struggled to find the 12volt output socket?

  1. My model of MX-5 is: ND

Hi all, not really a request just a comment. Had our ND for 2+years and needed to put some air in the tyres, looked everywhere for the 12volt output socket and drew a blank so ended up going onto 'tinternet so discover that it is “buried” in the righthand side passenger footwell, almost did my back in trying to find the bl@@dy thing!

First time took a while… it’s where I have my dashcam connected in to a USB plugged in there, makes out of sight cable routing a doddle.

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You obviously didn’t check out the Owner’s Handbook that comes with the car.


…at the time of needing it the car and the manual were not at the same location…

…or a poor handover from the salesperson (unless bought privately).

I always keep the manual in the car, it’s got a lot of useful info about, bulbs and other breakdown info.
No use sitting on a shelf at home. Then when you sell the car, it’s still on that bookshelf, and the new owner has to buy a new one.

I know there’s not a lot of storage in the ND, but it’s fairly small.

I know you can usually get online, but if you get stuck without a phone signal…


…no room for anything in a mk4 cabin…I suppose I could take it but I would then have to ask SWMBO to stay at home!!..

You can remove the CD player, and replace it with parts from the latest ND. This will give you a deeper glovebox, in which to store the handbook.

ta for the tip…is this easy to do?..we have never, (and will never), use the CD player…

Before I bought mine I asked in the showroom whether it had a 12v socket, it took 3 salesmen to find it…


I showed the salesman where it was when I was looking over the car. I crawled under and over it with a torch and checked it over but I knew where everything was first.

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There is some ‘secret’ storage behind the seats on the Mk4, two cubby holes with a pull off flap on each. I keep my handbook in one and the tyre repair/inflator in the other.


Someone did do it on Youtube, using parts from a dealer.

Yeah it’s proper buried, unilluminated and damn near invisible when the cover is over it.

Fortunately I’ve found the USB sockets by the centre console provide enough juice to power the dashcam and charge a phone, despite only being 500 mA a piece, so I only have cause to use the 12v cigarette lighter socket when inflating my tyres (since Sainsbury’s stopped doing air for free, curse them!)

I have got one of these pluged in to the 12v socket.

This powers my dashcam and Amazon Auto with all the cables hidden behind the dash :+1:

I did use the socket for 2 dashcams but now run both from Garmin’s odb power cable with built in timer and battery protection, phone charges from CarPlay adapter very quickly and less wires to see or get loose in the socket.

Yup. I’d have sat those salespeople in a locked room with an owner’s manual each for two hours. Then have them spend an hour driving the car.

One thing I used to do, when the car the customer was buying was in stock, so the handbook was with it, was to give the customer the handbook at point of sale so they could read up before collection. Then they still used to get a one hour handover.