Mk4 ND roof lining - detaching - a known issue?

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I have previously reported a problem (on another thread) with the inner lining of my ND Sportnav roof becoming detached above the rear window and hanging down. A local dealer had two goes at fixing it last week but without success. A similar issue has been reported on the forum (ref 587004) in the US but I am told that Mazda UK are unaware of the problem and I have been asked to send in photos (which I have done via the Dealer). I am sure I am not unique (the Dealer had another one in for the same fault when mine was in for the second time) but I am wondering how widespread the issue is. So, does anyone else have the problem?


My awareness level is the same to date, reported at least once on, now yours, not experienced personally yet.

I do have the hood rubbing on the nearside roll hoop though…

I’ve had mine for 3 weeks now. The roof has been up and down countless times with no problems. It does not rub on the roll hoops because I always raise and lower it as per the user manual which gives it a least 5mm clearance when it is down and there is no sign of the lining becoming detached as yet.

Mazda have a TSB about this in the USA

Even following the irritating get out of the car and hold the roof at the back mode mine still rubs 




I took a copy of the TSB to the Dealer when I took it in the first time. They hadn’t seen it but it appears it didn’t help (or maybe they didn’t do it right!). I’m now awaiting feedback from the Dealer and/or from Mazda UK Customer Services. 

On the upside, I don’t have the hoop rubbing issue (though I have started to raise/lower it as per the manual of late to make sure there is clearance). 




Well, after a third visit to my very helpful local Dealer (not the one that supplied the car) I now have a roof that doesn’t flop (so far!). They had had discussions with Mazda UK (as had I) and when I dropped the car off they were not particularly confident that they would be able to fix it. While I was waiting for the Tech to arrive I took the opportunity to look at an unsold showroom car and it had the same problem as mine (though the demo car on the forecourt was fine) so it seems that whether you have a dodgy roof or not is pretty random (the Dealer has another customer with the same issue).

Anyway, the Tech, Service Guy and I had a long chat and I suggested that it seemed to me that the top plastic strip (above the window) didn’t just need to be tucked into the lower one, but that the fabric needed to be folded over the strip first and then tucked in - thereby putting the inner layer under a lot more tension. After a fair bit of warming (with a hair dryer) and two Techs working together (one in the driver seat and the other in the passenger one) they were able to stretch the fabric, fold it over the plastic strip and tuck it in. So far, and after several test sequences of raising the lowering, it hasn’t popped out again so it looks like we may have the answer!

I have promised to let them know how things are in a few days and I have my fingers-crossed. Assuming all remains well, the Dealer is going to liaise with Mazda UK so that they will be able to advise any other dealers faced with the same issue.


Mine has just detached today, so going to phone the dealer tomorrow to get it sorted.  I notice the post at the link below gives a diagram of how to fix it in 10mins, but I can’t access it as I’m not a member of the Miata forum. 



It’s already done - just scroll up!

Added - It’s easy to access Miata net, just apply for a log in and enter the requested details.

With any new model, Miata net is the best place to check for faults, remedies and  any TSB’s or service bulletins. You can rest assured, anything and everything goes on here first!




Just make sure your Dealer orders the required clips in and it’ll be a permanent fix. Nothing else will do it …


Picked up my ex demo car (17 plate) at the weekend and had the roof down all day yesterday. When I drove to work this morning I noticed that the back window was narrower than usual. Looks like my roof has the same issue. Thanks for this info will help me in my discussion with the dealer when they also sort out the slow puncture and paint contamination under the Lifeshine that I had applied (yes I know, don’t need to point out that it was a mistake).


On the bright side, love the car!

Hello, All,
I have had this fault and hopefully overcome it, although it’s early days yet - but so far, so good.
The joint will only come adrift when it is not under tension, and there is enough clearance in the joint for the hook part of the strip to come adrift from its register in the other side of the strip.
To overcome this, I have introduced a springy insert to keep the hook and corresponding register together.
I took a thin strip of high density polyethylene measuring 25mm wide and folded in half along the length but not creased. (standard uk milk container material is ideal).
I inserted enough lengths of these (2-3 for the length of the joint) into the joint void (folded edge first) with the roof closed and the liner in the secured position, pushing the hinge in as far as possible using some suitable thin stiff material. The fabrication acts as a spring/ spacer to keep the joint together with the roof up or down.
I hope this may solve the problem without the need for special clips or adhesives. It’s worked well on mine so far for two months.


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I am a bit late to the party on this one, but I had the same roof lining issue on my previous 2016 ND. I managed to fix the problem myself following the information on the leaflet shown earlier.

I managed it first time too and never had the problem come back. After countless roof ups roof downs I would confidently report that the fix does work.

There is a trick to turning the inner roof lining clip strip back over its self before clicking it into the outer roof lining.

This is not absolutely clear on the leaflet.