Mk4 Roof adjustment

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __ND 2016 2.0 SportNav
  2. I’m based near: __cardiff
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __getting my roof adjusted, when opening its catching on the head restraint hoops.

This is the most common issue on the MK4, Mazda issued a TSB (bulletin) with a corrective measure to resolve the issue. I had mine done under warranty (they fit spacers to move the roof further away from the roll hoops and replaced the roll hoops because they were scratched, some people have also ended up with a new roof where the leading edge was damaged from the contact. Out of warranty there isn’t much option, some people suggest shaving down the back of the roll hoops to create more clearance but i’ve never been a fan of that approach.

Thanks, my roll hoops are fine, I wonder who could fit some spacers for me?

There’s a very useful thread about this here.

Since learning “the knack” I’ve got used to putting the roof down from outside (mine doesn’t go down cleanly without gently pushing the glass down as you do it anyway) and then, before clicking it down I go round to the back of the car and give the roof a few hefty pushes at the rear-most edge before clicking it down. This has stopped the roof rubbing up against the hoops for me, and since mine is also well out of warranty I think it’s what I’m going to live with.

That other thread also details how and where to put some gorilla tape to protect your roof, but with the new and improved way of putting the roof down I didn’t feel the need to do this on mine.

(That gorilla tape is good stuff though - fiound plenty of other uses for it :slight_smile: )

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Ok thanks, Ill do that