Mohair hood mx5 mk3 2006

Hi, new to this forum. Can anyone help? Looking for a company to clean and restore my hood. I live in Beverley area. Looking forward to replys. 

This is easy to do yourself, I’m guessing it doesn’t need repairing.

Clean the hood with baby shampoo, some use Milton fluid if its got green mould on it, wash it off and make sure its fully dry, then apply a few coats of Fabsil Gold, allowing it to dry inbetween coats.


It’s not difficult to DIY and plenty of products on the market to assist but I would/have used the method/product as mentioned above, proof with Fabsil afterwards.

Hi Jock,

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I hope you have got the roof sorted out, but should look OK when you drop it down.

If you are looking to meet up with other local MX5 drivers, then have a look at the Ridings site:-

There is plenty of good technical advice in the Riding group, but they tend to use Facebook to keep in touch or try using the contact section on the local site.



You can also get the AutoGlym kit. I did mine on sunday, took about an hour, but removed all traces of the green stuff nd now looks like new.

Many thanks to everyone who gave their advice on MX5 soft top.