More photos from Brooklands

Just managed time to get around to uploading some photos from the weekend.

Before setting off we had the usual dilemma of whether to take the spare and use the boot rack. May be of interest to Mk1 owners, but by relocating the spare into the middle we managed to fit a reasonable size weekend case over the top of it, and everything else around it, meaning no boot rack required on this trip!





We travelled down on Friday in torrential rain, but found some sunshine on Saturday when we had a run down to Bognor Regis on the South Coast.

We met a group from Yorkshire Ridings (cars opposite side of road) and found they were staying in the Premiere Inn at Guilford where we were.




A couple more shots in sunny Bognor …





Here’s some shots of fantastic 5s around Brooklands ……























Accrington Stanley!??  - actually a fellow NW’er Smile


Mrs Berkeley-Ray waiting patiently as I seek out the photo vantage points!Undecided




We did the Concorde thing …




We did the Hill twice (anyone catch us on camera?) ….




The museums were great (looks a bit like my garage) ……




And a couple of posing shots at Brooklands to complete the day …





With Monday being forecast a decent day we avoided the motorways and instead took A Roads and had the top down most of the way back to Lancashire.  This was at a lunch stop near the ‘Battle of Bosworth’


We had a fantastic weekend away, all inspired by the MX5OC and local members. Thank You Laughing 




How many Berkeleys attended? I was unable to make it, but will be at the National Rally in September

Great pictures of a great daySmile


Berkeleys at Brooklands?

I saw two other Berkeleys at Brooklands:

**** OAN  &  ****KK

Neither of which were in the group of four at Sandringham, which were:

**** ABW,  **** CCL,  **** FOG & our R533 RBV

We booked accommodation some time ago for a week away whilst attending the national in September, but since found out we’ve our first grandchild due around then, so we’ll have to wait and to see nearer the time.

Where you in one of the cars at Sandringham? Ray






You never seem to see very many Slug-Pellet Blue ones for some reason? Wink

…which is a shame cos i think its a lovely colour

Me too I think it is a lovely colour, same as my 1975 Hillman avenger Estate.

Great photos, and got mine in the shots too Smile     Great day, my first event with Mx5OC and looking forward to Gaydon

Just found these so thought i would post them here. Hope some of you recognise faces or cars. What a great event that was. a really good day out


Looks suspiciously like my RS Limited in the 3rd from last photo

And mine in the 12th photo.