Morning all, newbie from South Yorkshire

Good morning all! After lurking both here and for some time, I finally jumped in yesterday and purchased my first MX5, a 25th Anniversary Edition. I’ve never driven an MX5 before, and have just come out of a BMW640D (Mk7 Golf R before that), so wasn’t quite sure what I was going to get, but even though the power is immensely different from both my previous cars, the handling is incredible. I picked it up from Bolton and drove home over the Pennines via the Woodhead pass yesterday afternoon, and was instantly in love with it.
Need to give it a full wash and get my plate on it, so will add some more images when it’s looking it’s best
Glad to finally be here, and look forward to getting some miles under my belt!
Image from garage.


Welcome from south east London.

Lovely colour even in the shadow.

Love black hoods with mirrors.


Cheers Anthony, I love the colour combo of the red, black roof, mirrors, dark alloys and light interior. Looked great in the sunshine yesterday.
What colour do you have?

Hi and welcome to MX5 ownership Nick !

I like black with a hint of yellow.

Thanks y0ungn1ck!
How old are you? I’m the young Nick in our friends group :joy:

Wow Anthony, that looks awesome!!!
That black on black looks really aggressive, fantastic wheels too. I imagine that look wasn’t achieved overnight? Must have been great fun pulling that style together!

Oh it was overnight! Heard it, saw it, bought it!

I nearly heard it, bought it, saw it! Haha


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And I have a little project ongoing.

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Wow Ant, all in on the MX5 life! Wish I could have gotten in earlier, but family life, and the realisation that my kids never like my cars and always want to go in mum’s 4x4, has only just allowed this selfish purchase :sweat_smile:
I bet the MK1 will be a fantastically raw driving experience (as the NC feels to me)

Can’t get my kids out of it!

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Hi and welcome.

In South Yorkshire you need to know that the go to place for 5s is Roddison Motorsport. Paul has been a specialist and racer with 5s for many years and has all the set up knowledge to ensure your car handles the very best it can

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Hi Chris,
Thank you for the advice. I’ve been researching this purchase for a while, and I live about 20 mins away from Roddisons. Part of the appeal was having a specialist so close, so will be contacting Paul for servicing / upgrades when the time comes.
Appreciate the share Chris, thanks again :+1:t2:

That looks like they’re in their favourite place! Mine are 15 & 12, so show little interest in anything other than their iPhones :disappointed:
Hope some roof down lifts might change things up :crossed_fingers:t2:

Yes the 3rd daughter was doing exactly that! It is normal then.

Have a good day


It’s sad, but I’m glad it’s an age thing, not a personal rejection thing :joy:
Have a great day too Ant, thanks for the warm welcome :ok_hand:t2:

Hi Nick , welcome to the world of MX5 from Essex :+1:

Welcome Nick, great choice of car.

Thanks S_and_J :beers:

Thanks Andy, loving it so far. Just paid £211 for 12 months insurance :sob:
My last car was £1182 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Just keeps getting better!