Motorfest 2020. NWM participation will not be going ahead due to Coronavirus

Hello NWM,
I bring to your attention my forum posting dated 28th Feb regards our proposed visit to this year’s Motorfest at Chetwynd Deer Park, Newport, Shropshire on Sunday 19th April 2020.
The organisers are busy allocating spaces for all car clubs that are attending and have asked me for an approximation of our intended numbers to help them in their works. To date we have 5 cars wishing to participate which I calculate would be 10 members ,good at maths me!, being volunteered to put the club shelter up. I know this strikes fear and fore loathing into members hearts but it’s not that bad really. The joy of joining in, trying to put the blasted thing up is a beautiful thing to behold and would, in entertainment terms, be worth the entrance fee alone.
Therefore if I could ask those members who haven’t yet considered this event to respond as soon as possible, ideally by the middle of next week, to this forum posting so that I can feedback to the organisers an idea of how many cars and therefore space needed to aid them in their works.

Jim Keeley

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We would like to go please Jim.

Ben & Marg