Murder Mystery night?

Hi all,
a suggestion on offer for a club night, or a separate social is a Murder Mystery night.
We have a friend who runs this with her drama group. The format is 5 to 7 actors (suspects to the murder) who interact with the audience by rotating around our tables allowing us to question them, before each table making their accusations. We can have food at some point in the evening. The suggestion is that this would last between 7:30pm - 10/10:30pm. Depending on the theme chosen, we could also dress to the theme, not compulsory to the enjoyment.

Cost is fixed for the event and with a similar attendance as the monthly meeting would be £9-10 plus food per person.
Are members interested before we progress any further?

Jim and Dawn

Sounds good to us…count us in :smiley::smiley:

Definitely (ps this is my post to get a sticker in the profile page :rofl:)

Ben & Marg up for it.

HI James
Yes we are up for this, at least the Rev can’t be the murderer this time…

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Sounds good to us as well.

Who are we polishing off :laughing:

It all depends on which of you going dares to eat the food… :woozy_face:

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Ok Jim depends what date but we would like to be there but would be good to make it a social rather than a meeting night

Mike and Margaret

We are interested in this as well… as per Mike and Margaret, we also would also prefer it to be a social rather than a club night, but would come along either way

Phil & Charlotte