Musical canal trip july 2020 update

Hi Folks, :wave:
Unfortunately this trip has now been cancelled due to the ongoing Covid 19 situation.
We’ve had the deposit returned to us.

We’ve spoken to a few our our members ( on the link up on a Wednesday night ) about the deposit, and they have asked if we would hold it in abeyance ready hopefully a trip for next year.
If your all in agreement with that, we don’t mind holding it, but if anyone would like their deposit returned please let us know.

Obviously this was a fully filled up trip, but if anyone drops out then there will be places available.
We already have 5 people on the reserve list.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to arrange the 2021 trip until the organisers have sorted their programme out which will be hopefully, sometime in October. After which we will suggest a date for the new trip to you.

Stay safe

Mike & Margaret :couple:

Thanks for the update and hopefully the cruise can happen in 2021?

Jim Keeley

Put us on the list Mike if there is a spare space.

Thanks for the u/date Mike, stay safe.
Ben & Marg