Mx-5 20th Anniversary Rally at Beaulieu CANCELLED

Please note that the rally planned for 9th - 10th July and previously advertised in STHT etc. has had to be cancelled.

A note from the organisers;

" It is with great regret that Wessex Area have to advise members that the proposed 20th Anniversary Rally at Beaulieu on 9/10 July has had to be cancelled as a direct consequence of the ill health of the Rally Organiser.

Members will appreciate that organising an event such as this is very demanding and time consuming, and although  we had a considerable number of volunteers  within Wessex Area who were prepared to undertake the substantial number of tasks associated with the various activities planned for the weekend, it has not been possible to find anyone else who is willing to take on the  overall responsibilities of  the Rally Organiser for directing and coordinating the entire event.

Members who have already registered to attend the rally will receive a full refund shortly.

Again, Wessex Area deeply regret that this rally cannot go ahead as planned, and apologise for any inconvenience to  members  as a result of this cancellation"


 Cry…Get well soon

Well, us lot from the SE that booked a hotel are still going for the weekend and I reckon there must be others that have booked hotels, so how about a meet up somewhere, maybe Beaulieu???

Get well soon!

We are up for that, sure it’ll still be good fun guys and girlsBig Smile

Thats why your CAPTAIN Nick Thumbs upBeaulieu here we come

 Is sad… was looking forward to this  event Cry

 We were really looking forward to it too, time booked off etc - think we’ll make a weekend of it, so I’ll keep an eye out to see if anything informal comes of it.


Very sorry to hear of the organiser falling ill, hope it’s not too serious and a return to fine health is not too distant. Please accept and pass on our thanks for the time and effort already put in to the event by the organiser and team.

 ive got 60.00 worth of non refundable travelodge so would love an informal meet up of some sort

Sorry to hear of the ill health of the organsisor, I hope it isn’t anything too serious and that he is soon on the road to recovery.

Jim and I would have been unable to attend the rally due to work commitments but I do know that some Tyne Tees members had expressed an interest in  going.

Get well soon my friend.

We also have booked for a long weekend for this event…we will still be going.

As long as there is 15 of us we can still book at group discount prices if we all still wanted to go to Beaulieu ??

Sounds like a plan, and we could also go to Bucklers Hard as suggested by Rising Sun.


Been there, it’s quite nice


Would you me if me and the Mrs tagged along?

Of course not, the more the merrier. It will still be a good weekend if we have anything to do with it.



Ta  Salute

a few SWMOCers would probably still fancy a run out

i have leave booked for this as well


BUT… to add quickly… GET WELL SOON, Wessex RO Rose

It appears that there are plans afoot for Beaulieu to hold a Mazda Rally Day on 10th July. As soon as I get further information I will post it here.

There is much, much discussion behind the scenes… nothing is guaranteed at all, but whatever happens we will post in up on here first…