MX-5 Commercials in Japan (Sorry for language in Japanese) But hope you will enjoy watching love

Among all, below is my favorite “Driving Matters”.
Never came across with any beating this.


Eh, somewhat recycling the same theme used in the 1989 US launch ads, playing on the nostalgia schtick. Basically saying the MX5 is the midlife crisis car.

I personally thought the #longlivetheroadster film Mazda did when the ND was launched to be great. No voice over, just NA/NB MX5 owners having a great time in their cars, and capturing what I think is the true spirit of the MX5. The message was universal, understood in any language, by any age. And the lady with the R-Limited was a member of this forum.

Two different cuts

And one where you are introduced to the owners

Mazda UK did a mash-up of several ads, also avoiding this midlife nostalgia trope

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