MX~5 Hand Made Green LED illuminated Gear Knob

Well for £10.00 got most of the parts off eBay some other parts I already have. wired to my ignition the gear knob will illuminate when the car start button is pressed or when its in accessory mode, this took around 43 hours to make well i was in no rush and I had lots of tea …with just a few basic tools I think its gone ok…some pics in no particular order enjoy and thanks for taking the time to look… this could be made to fit any car … not just MX~5 series


That gear knob looks very, very nice indeed! A real custom part for your car. The finish is beautiful! Well done that man :+1::+1:

I started to read this post thinking “Ooh, I want to make myself an illuminated gear knob”.
Now I’m thinking I don’t have the patience to even begin it!
A bloody good job you’ve done there, hats off to you :clap:

The Green Lantern Rides! What a piece of art there. Fantastic piece of work.

FANTASTIC! You are a master craftsman. I have a garden table and chairs like that. Would they help me to do such a brilliant good job?


thanks chaps now this is fitted l am on to the next projects …Ram Air Gearbox Scoop …

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