MX-5 Models by Gary Gooderham (Flag Modelmaking) - Rally Special

Gary Gooderham of Flag Model Making is producing a limited edition collection of MX-5 NA, NB and NC car models. The production run will be limited to 100 of each car, all individually numbered. These are not available to the general public yet but will be priced at £60.00 a car, or £150.00 for a set of three. 

As an exclusive offer to MX-5 Owners Club members these will be available to order at Sandringham at the one off price of £50.00 per car, £130.00 for the set. You should be able to find Gary and the models in the main marquee on the day. 




WOW Surprised

Any idea what material they are made from?

They are made from a “metallic” resin, and they look better “in the flesh” than they do in the photos.

As an avid collector of MX-5 models I already have my name down for a Mk3 model.

Any questions feel free to ask me, Garry’s not on the forum!

There is now a website for the models with contact details to buy them after the rally, but not at the special offer price! Have a look at

Will be having a look, thanks for info!!

PayPal is coming soon to the website, when I get chance to add it! Currently dealing with orders and enquiries by email and phone.

I took the opportunity to buy 1 at Sandringham, great mk3 model, very pleased with quality…mine is ‘number 3’

I’ve already asked Gary if he’ll do one with a rollcage…