MX-5 Owners Club Benefits and Discounts section

I have searched high and low to find the MX-5 Owners Club Benefits and Discounts section. I cannot find a heading anywhere. Can someone please tell me which section it is hidden in on the Forum. I’ve also looked at the MX-5 Owners Club page and can’t find it. Either I’m blind or its hidden deep inside another section.

You need to log on as an owners club member to access this area. Anyone who is a forum member only can’t access this owners club members section. Others will correct me if I’m wrong. If you are an OC member then your profile needs updating to access it.

Your forum account isn’t showing the members flag, try logging out and in again to see if it reappears.

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Thanks. Had not realised that I was not logged in even though I could post on Members Discusion Forum. Even now I’m logged in again it was very hard to actually find the download for Halfords voucher.