MX-5s and Roadsters For Sale - open or closed?

The for sale area is closed on the old site, yet I cannot post an ad on the new site. I am logged in, so no access issues I am aware of. Please advise.

Shoud be open.  Can you do me a favour please ?  Log out of here, then login again and see if you then have access.  If its still a problem send me a message… cheers.



Tried again this morning, from my work pc, still locked out of posting on the for sale forum.

Any advice?

Also, just tried the “wanted” section - which allows me to post. It’ll be them gremlins I suspect.


As suggested have you clicked on the sign out button, then sign in again with user name and password.  If you notice for some reason you don’t have the Club logo under your name so the forum is not recognising you as a member for some reason.  And so far as I can tell you are a piad up member, correct ?  Logging out and in properly may well sort that.  If not then we do have a gremlin and I need to follow it up further to see why its picked on you as other Club members are able to acces the shop forums.  Thanks for you patience and help.

Yes, logged out and back in again. Fully paid up member.

In the interim, isn’t it possible for you (or someone with Admin rights) to transfer my live advert from the previous site?




It’s now started working! Please delete thread, cheers.