MX5 1.8 NA retrofit Power Steering

Hi there, has anyone had a retrofit power steering system fitted to their Mark 1? Is there someone local (Norfolk/Suffolk) who can do it? Was it the miracle everyone tells me it will be? I have an exquisite low mileage Mark 1 and don’t want to ruin it.

I have a mint mk1 on 21k miles and had MX5 doctor in the south do a retrofit, best (and only) thing I have done and do not regret it.
Finding a good rack and ancillaries will be the challenge and don’t skimp on any new/replacement parts, go for it.

Sounds like a sound investment then. Mine is a mint 31k and didn’t want to ruin it so it’s good to hear it’s worth doing. I can assure you there will be no skimping on parts.
Thank you for the info.

OMG what a difference the power steering makes. It has turned my little car into the perfect classic. Thanks for the advice.

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Parking it is so much easier and my wife drives it now…when I let her!.
Well done.