Mx5 1991 Le Mans edition body stickers

hi , I have a limited edition Mx-5 Le-Mans edition and wanted to know if anyone knows where I can get the stickers on the car replaced? the images below are not my actual car and are for reference purpose

I think this may help - my reply to a similar question about restoring a Le Mans.

The garage’s website is

As per my original post above the restored car on display was like new and had been resprayed, so will have needed new decals.

I’m going to be looking to get some made up in grey - and fired off a couple of mails today to companies who do graphics, sign writing and wrapping - will update here when I hear back.


Hi , thanks everyone for replying . I have found someone who will be making all the graphics on the car for me . Planning to send the car in on the 22nd September and will update you with the results and contact details once I know it’s a great job.