MX5 - 2014 - AVN-2 ( Hands free ) How to call ?

Hi - I have just paired my iPhone 5 with the AVN - 2 system.  Everything successfully downloaded.  I am struggling with the process of how to make a hands free call ?  Any hints - Sorry to be so dim - Adam




Thank you very much for taking the trouble to reply.

My previous car was fully hands free and It appears that the MX5 may not be ! On my previous vehicle I would press a button on the steering wheel which would activate a command prompt. I would be asked to say a command. I would say “phone home” and the call would begin.

Can this be done with the MX5 ?

Thank you.

Its not a fully hands free operation, I think. But if you press the phone symbol button to the left of the screen you can save some preset numbers to auto-dial. After a press of the phone symbol button, along the bottom of the screen it also has buttons for redial, a downloadable contents list, numeric keypad and buttons to change which phone the radio is sync’d to.

If your iPhone is properly synced, if you were to dial out on your phone it will then automatically switch from using the phones speaker and microphone to using the car radio instead. You’ll hear the dial tone through the car speakers. When you hang up it reverts back.