MX5 Bandana's are back!

*Hi Everyone, *

Iain Fleming has been in touch with all AC’s requesting that they pass to all members that MX5 Bandanas are back. Please see Iain’s message below.

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Hi Folks,

Club Custom Multifunction Bandana is back in stock and live on the store today.

It features the 4 generation design on a multi-colour Blue, red and orange back ground (couple of pictures attached).

While we wouldn’t (and don’t) recommend that it serves to replace a face mask, it is a handy item (as I have discovered) to have in the car or round your neck to double up as face covering, its tremendously compact and lightweight meaning it can be worn comfortably for extended periods.

A lot have gone today and there are about 100 left at the moment.

Price includes delivery, please email the for any bulk orders of 3+

Kind Regards

Iain Fleming




Just seen these are now out of stock on the store :frowning_face: Any idea when these will come back into stock again?

I realise its been a while but I have been in contact with Iain Fleming, only this week to see if there is any more news on the Bandanas and he is currently busy working on moving the store and shop to a new location but says these are still on his radar and he hopes to provide an update very soon. Regards Mal

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