Mx5 club displays


With the owners club displays around the countries how would we go about having our cars displayed with the club at this events? I was at japfest last year (where I joined) and they had a stand, attending lots of events this year (20+ between now and August) so wondering how to display with the club. Have a very nice restored mk1 so be a good edition!

Kind regards

Maurice, there are always opportunities to display your car, keep an eye on the events forum and the magazine for information on registration and opportunities.

We will be going back to Japfest for another Pitlane display this year and we will have ticket deals and information on that just as soon as they confirm with us the options.

Ah okay, I hadn’t heard anything about Japfest being attended by mx5oc this year and only 2 months away so didn’t think it was happening this year! Any idea when next magazine is out or roughly when they release details for the stand?