Mx5+ golf

Hi there.Any golfers out there.I am looking at the newer shape MX5 as my next car,but was wondering whether it is practical for transporting my clubs.Can anyone give me the heads up regarding this.Also I have read the 2.0. Six speed is a better car to have instead of the 1.8. Any replies would be great.cheers

With the top down, no problem! 

I have an NC1(if that’s what you mean by newer shape), and yes, a trolley bag will fit in the boot, along with a shoe bag & trolley battery…the trolley has to go on the passenger seat though…(TIP;put the seatbelt on first or the warning beeps will just keep going off)

If you use a carry bag & fold up trolley, they will both fit in the boot…

In both cases, I have found it better to take the Driver out and place it in the cabin down the side of the passenger seat…


In my opinion, the 2,0 6 speed is better, but don’t let that put you off trying the 1.8…there are those that say it is a superior drive…







My various golf bags each fit in the boot of my Mk3.5 but I carry driver and 3 wood inside the car, between passenger seat and door. Electric trolley sits on passenger seat, cushioned to protect the leather, battery in the footwell.

I checked before I bought, not being able to carry golf stuff would have been a total deal-breaker.

Before buying an auto, I tried several manual versions, for me the 2.0 engine with either 5 or 6 speed gearboxes was preferable to the 1.8. But it’s a personal thing - try as many as you can, but do buy one, you won’t regret it!


A friend and his wife are golfers and do Golf weekends.

If both in the car they could do clubs or weekend bags not both.

He traded the car in for an Audi A4 drop top.

In that clubs in the boot and weekend bags in the back seats.

More boring drive and he does not enjoy it so much but the Mx5 just did not do a two person Golf weekend.

Many thanks to all the replies.I was thinking about a 2012 model,but could do with a list of the different types to compare the specs.Is the venture the base model,and has the roadster coupe gothe same boot size with it having the seperate compartment? I live in the northeast,and they are a bit him on the ground.The local dealer S G Petch has zero cars on its lot.thanks again to all.

I would recommend looking nationally for the car that you want to be sure you get the best available. Its worth the effort for something that you will have a long time. I went to Belfast for mine which was worth it for the condition of the car.

I have a 1.8 and its a great drive definate power band and quick enough for me if you keep the revs above 3000, but docile when you want it to be. Drive each one and make your mind up on that and take you golf gear along to make sure it fits!

Venture has nice extras but based on the 2.0 litre or 1.8. The Sport Ventre has the extras but is based on the 2.0 litre sport. The boot is the same size on the Roadster Coupe as it is on the soft top, both roofs fold into the same size space.


I’m not sure this is a good idea or not. You be the judge :wink:

Hmm, his vast golf bag is about ten times the size of the old canvas thing I used as a teenager; two woods, seven irons, (all nine clubs scavenged from the pro-shop as leftovers from different sets) and two octopus grips to tie them all together strapped to the crossbar on my push-bike.

I expect (even inflation adjusted) just the cheapest one of his clubs cost more than my whole mismatched set did as new “scrap” singles.

Which is partly why I gave it up quite early on despite playing off 18 when 18.

Well, here’s the thing. I followed the guy’s advice as shown in YouTube/ You know what, it fits. yahay!!

I thought from MK2 onwards Mazda were aware of the USA need for golf bags in the boot?

Maybe put a rack on the boot lid? Added bonus of not taking up any space at all; you can take a golf bag, a passenger AND still have an empty boot for other stuff!

Yes, but what’s to stop the clubs falling out of the open bag when you go round a corner?

Close the bag? Or am I missing something? :stuck_out_tongue: