MX5 insurance April

Just went through the process of renewing the insurance on my 2004 Arctic 1.8 and what an eyeopener! It’s my second year of ownership so I benefit from a big fat 1 year NCD (i’ve been in a company car for the last 17 years) this time round. Fully comp and parked on the drive in Essex.

Aviva - last years insurer has risen from £220 (but i grabbed a £60 Quidco cashback too) to £280 (with a potential £35 Quidco cashback). So a £60 increase but gaining 1 year NCD??? And £100 excess.

Compared the meerkat and found a load starting at £156 for equivalent cover (and actually underwritten by Aviva). Settled on one from General Accident at £160 with a higher life cover, £50 excess and a further £35 Quidco cashback.

So, covered for £125 effectively. Gotta be happy with that - just try not to have to use it now…


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