Mx5 MK3.5 Sport or SE

Hey guys, first time on this I’m in the market for a MK 3.5. Budget is tight and a cheap 2.0 litre SE version has come up. I’ve done lots of research on the 6 speed vs 5 speed although a question I can’t find on the net is whether the 2.0 SE has traction control? Appreciate any replies.

All the 2litre cars have DSC which includes traction control, also LSD.

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Out of interest, what’s your budget and how much is the one you’ve found?
I ask, as I bought my first MX5 4 weeks ago. A mk3 2008.

great that helps a lot thanks

Hi, I’d ideally looking for one around 5k, how are u finding your mk3?

Enjoying it more every time I drive it. I Have already changed the rear box [Cobra) and the head unit, to enjoy perversely both a louder exhaust note and DAB.
Replaced both front callipers this weekend, so next is to paint them red. Good job I’ve got loads of time on my hands!
The shame is, I can’t really get out for a drive; but I can wait.
Worth every penny of the £3,900 I spent. Makes me smile every time I look at the blue sky and trees while whistling down the B roads.

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Sounds like you got a nice little project going there, any plans to track it at all?
I was interested in the MK3 as you can get them at a fairly good price!

Not currently, although my son has different ideas!
I think for the foreseeable, I’ll just enjoy the sky and the wind on normal roads.
Who knows what the future holds???

Hi DanielMX5

Welcome to the MX5 world, I have had in the past Mk1’s 2’s and now a 3,5.
I can honestly say that all are fantastic cars.
But I love the MK3.5 the best.
I use it for work or use to to before all this hit us.
Hopefully we will all be out in our 5’s in a few months, soaking up the sunshine on twisty roads.
Good luck you wont go wrong on what ever you buy.
Stay well
MF1 :sunglasses:

Sounds great. It will be my first mx5 and can’t wait to get my hands on one once all this is over! Good luck with whatever you decide to do with yours.

Thanks for the feedback!
Yes hopefully we will all be enjoying these great cars again once this all clears up just in time for summer!