MX5 MK4 (ND)

Having previously had a MK3 MX5, I have now moved onto a MK4 MX5. This is the 2.0l Sports Nav version. Thoroughly enjoying it!! 

Mazda MX5 Front by David Mottershead, on Flickr


Welcome to ND life! 


Mazda MX5 Front by David Mottershead, on Flickr

Here you go.  Took a bit of working out myself.  Click on the ‘Share’ arrow to the bottom right of the picture on your Flickr page then copy the text in the BBCode tab and paste straight into the message.


But Im biased!!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do

congratulations, cracking cars!

mine is meteor grey + sand interior too !

I wasn’t that keen on the colours when I bought it but now I’m loving it. At the time the GT package included the front and rear spoilers which now Mazda sells dearly as dealer add-ons …

I am enjoying it even more after lowering it !

IJ6A5280 by Opentrack Track Days, on Flickr


Thanks, and already enjoying it 


Thanks Claire, appreciated, as you can see in my original post, it works!! 


Thanks Chris, and corker that you have as well 


Thanks Edoardo, appreciated. Yours looks great, especially on the track. Would love to get mine out on a track and really put it through its paces 


How have you found the nd on track re traction control? Does it really switch off or have you felt it intervene ala rodders?