Mx5 nc 2006

Just bought my first MX5. Looking to make some minor mods (suspension/exhaust backbox) but unsure where to start. Is anyone aware of a good independent garage in West Sussex that would install item I purchase online or is that a recipe for disaster ?

Welcome to the fun👍

If you are competent at doing stuff definitely try and fit the back box yourself. You may get some resistance from corroded exhaust bolts though, then it’s a cutting off job. Once released its an easy swap. Cobalt is a make I have, available (if in stock) from Moss.
Suspension, well how far do you want to go, just lowering springs or coilovers?
Either way I’d get the alignment sorted afterwards, a must. Before doing that check out you have decent matching tyres, it’s all a bit pointless having the other related suspension work done if you have crap, worn rubber on.:thinking:
Can’t help with where to have fitted down your way, if near me Derbyshire then yes. Others can help there.

MickAP thanks for the response. I have seen Cobalt on a few forums and they seem a good balance and relatively straightforward (famous last words)
The suspension is where I show my inexperience. I assume lowering springs are just shorter springs that uses the original shocks but coilovers are new shock AND springs ? I’m assuming that if your going to go to the trouble you may as well replace the whole lot.

Out of touch with prices but I had mine fitted with lowering springs a few years ago at a special price for £250, much more now definitely. If you’re going down the coilover route (MeisterR’s) you can definitely add a 1 in front of that figure above with maybe alignment included. Just a guide BTW in to what I paid and yes the latter will will be a complete unit swap. They are fully adjustable for height and ride comfort, adjustments for soft to hard to suit your needs.

I have a Cobalt on my Mk1 and Mk4 - a nice sound without being too loud and annoying the neighbours. Good value for money and a 5 year warranty on them as well.

Check out MX5Restorer

thanks Ian. About 1hr away but worth it if they are good.

They have a very good reputation

Thanks Jeff. Certainly seems the way forward…

I went for the Cobalt when I had a MK3 as well.

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Stuck a cobalt on the latest one as well

After getting some good advice and recommendations from those in the know on this forum I decided on getting the Cobalt backbox for my NC; but Moss have discontinued it as they are developing a new version so I have to wait now :neutral_face:

The nuts on my back box were absolutely stuffed.
I’m an ex vehicle mechanic and NCB fitter, and I couldn’t get them off.
They had rotten to the point that the nuts were just round bits of rust.

I ended up paying a local back street garage £10 to get them off for me.

Exactly my position !! When I finally made the decision they discontinued. I can only hope the new version will be worth the wait.

I hope so Dom, I thought I’d wait til this lockdown was over to order it; but shouldn’t have!?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Same position here. :frowning:

Let’s hope it is a new and improved version, we can be three of the first to order them :+1: :grinning:

Hi Dom.

I had very similar plans. I brought my 07 NC back in January this year.

I don’t plan to use the car on the track but I do want to make good progress when the time is right. Its more about a fun engaging weekend drive for me on a sensible budget.

My first move was to have the Eibach -30mm springs fitted and a geo setup done.

I then brought some used rx8 yellow dot anti roll bars and had these fitted with new drop links.

I then had four new Michelin sp4 tires fitted.

This was all done by Joe at wheels in motion Chesham. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

I am very pleased with the way the car feels now, it is a really good compromise that has not lost any of the comfort of the original set up but is a much more engaging drive.

I hope this helps.


Thank mate. Some good info there and pretty much the conclusions i’ve come to through reading everything !!

NCB fitter :astonished:
Big hammer and an adjustable spanner is all our main gate fitter carried :rofl::rofl::rofl: