MX5 OC @ Oulton Park 22-11-08

I had a great time and so did my passengers…

Thanks to all who gave them laps out.

Interesting to see everything from Normal Road cars to Striped out Race cars

Via slightly modified and some Very fast Forced cars


A good day and hopefully I will be at more



Hi Alan, also had a great time, first time at Oulton for many years and will definatley be going again. Glad I managed to keep you behind me on that last session (your now going to tell me you wasn,t really trying) anyway hope to see you again and hopefully have the suspension setup done by then, will check out the one in Bolton that you mentioned. Also what springs do you recomend if you dont mind me asking  



Mike (green mk 2)

Mike I was trying but the only place I gain ground is very late braking and confidence thru the corners.

That last session was Like a little 3 car race between me you and the Jimparts Mk1…I liked it…


On the subject of springs + dampers theres a selection to choose from

Gaz , Puredrive , Koni. but your best posting a question on here as my knowledge of whats good for Mk2’s isnt good!

The track is good for learning to keep your speed high in the corners…They use a silver Mk 1 as an instruction vehicle…

And did you notice several of the Marshals,asisting staff drove Mx5’s as well



 I would like too thank everyone for today.
This being only the second time I’ve been on the track, I think I definitely got the title for captain slow. 
Great learning curve.
I also took the opportunity to ask lots of question to the more experience track users.
All of them very helpfull.

Whens the next one?

Oulton Park was my introduction to watching motor racing when I was a lad in the (cough, cough) mid to late fifties. So the opportunity to drive the circuit on a track day was not to be missed. I approached the day with some trepidation; would my nostalgia fuelled vision be confirmed or would I be disappointed?

I had a wonderful day and the track lived up to my expectations.

At the end of the penultimate session the driver of the Morgan in the MX5 session spoke to me. He asked me to pass on his thanks to all the other drivers in the session and complimented us on our track manners. I willingly do so and add my thanks to his.

 I even forgive MSV for taking lessons from BAA on queue management.[;)]

The MK3 man (aka Ken)


Video now on  if anyones interested



Nice Video Mike + considerate driving…

 I really like the bit from 2.45[;)]





I wonder why???

Nice video Mike,

How have you got the camera mounted? Is it strapped on the rear shelf?


Hi Andy, its a simple home made bracket that is made up of 2 x 63mm U clamps (exhaust type) which are clamped to the style bar and then a plate fixed between the two clampsand then the camera (panasonic NVGS 15)  is fixed to the plate using the tripod fixing bolt. Ive slightly modified it by putting a thin rubber sheet between the plate and the camera which has cured the slight vibration that you can occationaly see. The camera also has a wired remote control which also allows me to stop/start recording and also take still shots. all in all the mounting cost me £7 and is as rigid as any pro ones that Ive looked at which cost a lot more than £7



It sounds perfect for the job Mike,

 full marks for resourcefulness! You would have paid allot of dosh for a pro mounting bracket.

I’m thinking about buying the Oregon Scientific ATC3000 an all round action video camera that mounts onto helmets, handlebars and style bars etc. I also like kite-boarding so it would work well for that too.

~ Andy

I use a atc3000 but you need an adapter to use standard camera mounts


quality is good and being waterproof you can try different mounting options

Like strapped to the tow eyes in the grill…!