MX5 Roadster Purchase

Hi all. I am considering buying an MX5 from Prestige Vehicle Consultants Ltd in Saffron Waldon. Does anybody have any dealings with this company. The car I am looking at is a 2010 Sport Tech Roadster in Pure red. it is a low milage car and I am considering buying it the only thing is during the lockdown I cannot go and inspect it therefor I can pay for it and they can deliver it to me just outside Edinburgh.
Unless anybody has a similar spec car for sale near Edinburgh.
Thank in anticipation Dave Sinclair.

Personally I wouldn’t buy a used car without seeing and driving it first.
Have you thought about putting a refundable holding deposit (use a cc) on it?
You could then travel when the covid restrictions are lifted.

Type their name in the search box, there are at least 36 responses.

Hello and welcome Dave… I don’t know anything about Prestige Vehicle Consultants Ltd, but I’d find it difficult to buy a car without viewing it first. I guess you have looked on Auto Trader as that’s normally the first Port-Of-Call? I’m happy to have a look around the net if it helps…

The name is reminiscent of Trotters International Trading or whatever Delboys outfit was called.

Seem to have good reviews but they always seem to be a pit pricey.

Hi Rob thank you for your input. I have kicked the deal into touch. I agree with the replies about not seeing a car before purchase. I have never purchased a car without inspecting it first. I will just keep looking. As an aside the ideal car I am looking for is 2010 to 2012 Roadster in True Red and a Sport Tech. I know its probably a lot to ask for but that is my preference. As a retired Motor Vehicle Engineer I used to look after I couple of them and was always impressed by them. It would be a second car for my wife for summer use as I have a couple of other cars. I am not necessarily in a hurry as one of the cars is about to go back under PCP purchase in april and the MX5 would be its replacement. I would have no problem joining the club as I am already in a couple of clubs. Maybe you could point me in theist direction within the club to possibly find a suitable car. Thanks for your input Dave.

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PM sent!

Prestige vehicle consultants - PVC.

Trotters Independent Trading -T.I.T.


There was a thread on this dealer:

Seem ok. Maybe worth sending a PM to owners who haveactually purchased from them, rather than depending on uninformed comments

Oh I don’t know - if I set up a MX5 sourcing company and called it Kews Ostentatious Car Supplies or Andys Racing Sportscars and Engineering I’d be expecting and indeed welcome some ribbing too.

or Kews Reconditioned Auto Parts?

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And that’s the truth.

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I took delivery of my 2014 powershift from him last saturday, I did not view, car as described and certainly in better condition than the one at the main dealer in Dorset. I wasnt expecting a new car, but certainly seems to be a well cared for example.

Just out of curiosity, have you had a look at David Hayden? They’re a Mazda-approved company. I bought my 2013 Venture through them in October and honestly cannot fault their customer service. The car was fully serviced, MOT’d, brand new tires and brake pads fitted, and warrantied prior to me receiving it. They arranged all my paperwork, finance & tax in great time AND they delivered all the way from near Liverpool to Dunfermline for FREE!!! The guys were absolute gents and four months of ownership/inspections later, the car has proved faultless. Would seriously recommend them.

I bought mine from PVC and I can only say good things. Perhaps the stock is on the pricier side, but he also seems to have a wide range of super clean and cared for cars. That was certainly my experience.