Mx5 Scotland forum/website not working?

Hello all. I’ve been trying to access the forum & website for about a week now & just keep getting error messages? Is it just me ? Or is there a problem?



There is a problem.

Both with the fact that there has been some malicious interference and that the hosting company is not responding to requests for assistance.

It was scheduled to be retired at the end of this year we may need to bring it forwards.

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End of an decades long era but " use it or lose it" pragmatism really.

Yes, it will be a shame to see it go however the levels of usage don’t warrant the efforts required to keep it.

All the tools (forums/event management etc) are here now to be used in a much more mature state than a few years ago.

And we are all part of the same UK club… :smiling_imp:

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Cheers Ian.
Keep well.

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Good to know it’s not just me but sad to hear about the lack of assistance & possible retirement.

It has been much quieter of late so understandable. I’m guilty myself of browsing it every so often but not posting as much as I could/should.

Was trying to get in touch with someone in the for sale section. I had a look on here in the hope there was a duplicate advert but don’t see it!

Thanks anyway.


I hope you haven’t lost the massive run archive on there

All file attachments are preserved offline, I’ll happily discuss the provision of them with the relevant Area Coordinator.

We have a restoration of service, I’m not sure my confidence levels in it persisting long term are high…

I just tried it and still got an error message for the old Scottish forum, and any other links bring you back here. I will be sad to see the end of the forum, having used it on and off for the last decade it has been very useful. I appreciate though that traffic was all but zero of late, so its demise looked inevitable. Very sad.

Yes, we managed to get it partially back, there are still a number of things broken though. The lack of any outcry or even anyone noticing for the first three days it was down doesn’t really support any heroic measures.

It makes a certain kind of sense in this period of downtime to switch attention to using the tools here to support discussion and events for when things open up again.

We had planned to switch anyway this has just forced our hand.