MX5 tow car

I was driving down the M5 southbound, near junction 25 I think it was, yesterday ( Thursday )when I spotted a red mk2 behind a Mercedes campervan. He’s following a bit close I thought. Then I realised it was a tow car.
Softened my normal feelings for caravans and campervans :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:
However that soon returned when I got stuck behind a particularly slow campervan all the way from the North Devon link road to the coast.
Anyone on here?

About a dozen years ago we took a look round a fancy Winnebago sort of thing. It carried an MX-5 in a hidden cradle in its belly that slid in and out on hydraulics.
Lottery winner sort of money though.

Did you see George Clarke small spaces the other night, with the couple turning a coach into a camper and having a garage at the back to fit their mini into. Not a new idea plenty of race transporters in the past were converted coaches. ( some really nice one’s).

Bad obsession motorsport on youtube are doing an old mobile library into a race transporter type thing. As usual they’re going way over the top and changing everything but its a nice distraction while we wait for the next project binky installment. I recommend their videos if you like watching people skillfully make things out of metal