Mx5City bodywork repairs - your experience


My cherished mk1 needs some sill work and I am about to drop it off at mx5city near Doncaster. I was impressed when I spoke with Martin, the proprietor, but I’m interested in anyone’s experience with this outfit before I take the plunge. As with most places Ive seen both good and bad reviews. I want a quality job and I want it to last as I do not intend to sell  my car - ever!  Thanks…you’ll either put me nerves to rest or tip me over edge depending on your reply!



 No idea but can recommend Deepcar Autobodies in Sheffield if that`s not too far from you.

You will find him on MX5nutz under the name Painter Dave (think he`s on here too)???

 When I bought my first and only MX5 in 2010 it needed a work to the front wing and repairs to the sill and wheel arch on the drivers side. I too was impressed with the set up at MX5city and having discussed possibilities with Martin had a new front wing and half panel fitted at the rear, no complaints from me 2 years on.


Thank you. I am going ahead and will post the results on this forum…

 I had my 2002 Mk2.5 S-VT Sport sills repaired by Martin in August last year. I was very happy with the work and had the car waxoyled underneath at the same time.

However, a few months later, I noticed surface rust at the panel join between the sill and the wing (under the trailing edge of the door) on both sides. I let Martin know and he took the car back for a few days and apparently sorted it out. Seems as though the panel hadn’t been properly sealed.

Unfortuanately, another three or four months on and I’ve noticed surface rust on the inside of the rear wheel arches which appears to have originated from the repair area and worked its way up the wheel arch lip by capillary action (I’m a metallurgical engineer by training).

I’ve gotten back in touch with Martin and sent photos (I’ll post later when I’m back at home) for him to see what he thinks. However, have to say that I’m not feeling confident here as I had the work undertaken last year as a precaution against corrosion.

Well Martin and the guys at MX5 City have been true to their word and redone the repairs under warranty. Noticeably more sealant can be see around the edges of the repairs, but as before, you’d have to know the work had been done to see it.

Thanks again guys, fingers crossed this time is all good!

How was their price for doing that? Was it comperhensive for work they did?

 I paid towards the bottom end of their estimated prices (see their restoration page on the website) for the work they did. Can’t say I’m unhappy as they’ve been good and listened to any issues I’ve had.

can you comment 3 years on. is it still good


He sold the car two years ago.

Alanparkes. I am in same position as you were 5 years ago: due to take my Mk1 to Mx5city for bodywork rebuild.  how did you get on with yours? 

Anyone else with recent experience of this or any similar repairer. ?

I had both the back wheel arches done along with both sills over two years ago , still as good as the day it was done, first class job with photos e-mailed to me at every stage of the restoration