My 1990 Roadster

As we have a shiny new forum I thought I’d post some new pics of my car, what d’y think;

Wow…you just gotta love a Mariner Blue with stripes…wow    

it does look great!

Awesome looking car, love it [Y]

Thanks guys. I’ve just realised there’s no interior shot!!



and with it all lit up:


looks really nice.

What lowering springs have you got on that?


Thanks mate. It’s got Gaz coilovers fitted.

looks great

Awsome interior shots, but you really need a blue dial set!!.. I happen to know someone who has a set, free to a good home. Just pay the post from Aust.

No thanks, I love my plasmaglows [:)] 

Looks flippin great as usual !! [H]

Good pics.

Love the bodykit. . .what is it? (I’m new to this and am trying to find a “look” for my project car.


Very nice and very clean love it, it’s good to see other cars on the forum …it’s great for reference and inspiration.

The front bumper is a Racing Beat type 1, the skirts are Bomex, the rear spoiler is Racing Beat, and the lower lip is Mazda (I think!) 

Stunning! [H]

Thanks a lot for the bodykit info . . . your car looks great.

I think I’m going to have a lot of fun enhancing mine!

Thanks mate. Make sure you post loads of pics of yours! 

Will post some pics as soon as the weather permits taking some! Any idea where I can get those Bomex side skirts from - they are the nicest I’ve seen on any MX-5/Miata/Eunos but can’t find them on t’internet for sale . . .

I know MX5 Mad/Everything MX5 (whatever you know them as!)  used to sell them, might be worth a phone call (01708 754882)? Other than that, there’s MX5 City (not sure if they still do them) or good old ebay, there’s bound to be a pair on there, even if they have to come form America/Japan!